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Welcome to the home pages of

The Rotary Club of XYZ

I would like to welcome you all and lets hope that this year 2013-2014
will be one of our best years of service.

This is a demonstration  of a Rotary site that you can use  to design your own club web pages. The drop down menus can be renamed to any thing you want. The Flash text at the top can be modified to suit as required.
The categories can be increased or decreased as desired. The colour scheme may also be altered to  one of twenty different combinations. This template automatically resizes itself to fit the width of the clients computer screen.

If you wish to host your own website on your own servers, you may purchase the original rights to use this template for $US 135.00 ( Contact us for details )

Use of this template is included in our small website hosting packages.

There are included sample pages with words. These are simply to be used as an example of what you can put in the spaces provided on each page. Photos may be used as well as Flash movie presentations either constructed of your own designs, or, for example, a YouTube presentation like the one shown below on this page .

At the top of each page you are able to replace the images with ones that suit your page.  The photos need to be in proportion when resized to 750 x 150 pixels otherwise they will distort when loaded. There are two images side by side and they do not have to be exactly the same.

If you wish to have members personal details included on your web it is desirable to use a password gate to keep the information being used by others. We can include this service on request.

The contact form if required can be tailored to suit as desired. Many clubs don't bother with this simply using e-mail as the preferred contact method.

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