President's Message



A little of my Rotary Journey.

I first joined Rotary in 2001, in the Rotary Club of Brendale, now closed. It was the start of my venture into community service which is why I am still a Rotarian today.
Rotary is a place where a conversation can turn into actions. Our greatest example of this is our Flagship Project, Polio Plus. Two gents having a chat on an aeroplane has led us to where we are today, with Polio being almost eradicated from the earth. What an achievement from two men having a chat about what could be done.
As one man, I cannot go to the world and eradicate Polio, As a Rotarian, I can make a difference. I cannot go to the Solomon Islands, PNG or Nauru and create Heath, Water and Sanitation projects for the locals, but as a Rotarian, I can contribute to these things. So it goes, that a group of Rotarians can make a difference Locally and in the greater world, by having conversations and creating actions.

The Rotary Club of Pine Rivers has a very proud tradition of MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
Our club started Meals on Wheels in the Pine Rivers District.
We fund a number of Student Prizes and Scholarships in the local schools to encourage and reward students.
We started the Probus Club, and offer an Award for The Police Officer of the Year for the local Police District. The award night is usually attended by the Police Commissioner and his Assistants as well as the local hierarchy.

We are still making a difference, Locally and Internationally and making things happen. Please see our History Page for our proud achievements.

I am a proud Rotarian, because every day, Rotarians everywhere make the world a little better for the future.

Les Pedler.
President 2014 - 2015