Brooke Roberts

The Start - I'm Here

After my flight touched down in Singapore after the 8 hours of flying, we were notified of the 3 hour delay on our already 2 hour stop over. After speaking to the information desk all of us who were travelling to Frankfurt were assured we would make our connecting flights and with that we went and spent our 5 hours eating, sleeping and exploring Singapore International. After such time we then hopped aboard our flight and away we went again. Or so we thought, we then spent an extra hour sitting on board with electrical work still being done. After that I spent another 13 hours flying. Upon arrival at Frankfurt and a solo and hurried dash to receive my luggage and check in I was thus informed that I was too late and my flight had left. So after booking a new flight to Hannover and calling my host family and councillor and youth coordinator and telling them I would be another 3 hours before I could even board the plane I went in search of some food to pass the time. And so finally my little flight adventures came to an end when I finally met my host parents, councillor and youth coordinator at the airport.
My first night I slept a good 11 hours and my consisted of visits to government offices, the bank and bus stations. It was very busy, and very cold. I also had my first Rotary meeting with the Rotary Club of Wolfenbuttle and Salzgitter on the Monday night and had to introduce myself. It was all very exciting. Over my first week I did some well needed shopping for warm clothes and began school at Gymnasium im Schloss. School itself if hard as they speak in German and I sit there trying to understand and the concentration levels that are needed for this are high and as a result I nap when I return home in the afternoons. Over the 2 weeks that I've been here I have also taken up a new sport called Kinball. It's a very odd sport and is like a large version of "Don't let the balloon touch the ground." It's rather entertaining and the people there are wonderful.
My host family the Isensee's are wonderful and loving. My parents, Monika and Lutz have helped and assisted me so much through the last 2 weeks and I am very grateful to have such wonderful people to help me. My sister Rena, 22, has just finished uni and has started practical work for the Volkswagen factory with Lutz who works there and Tessa, 17, attends school and works. My brother Lauritz, 17, is away in Turkey on Exchange and will return in July.
I've also attended my first orientation in Magdeburg on the 1st of February and there I got to meet other new Exchange students and explore the town a bit. We went on a tour and saw the "Grune Zitadelle" (named so for the trees that grow out of it and the grass covering the rooftop(should have been called the Pink Zitadelle instead)). It's just amazing to walk through. And we also visit the Dom (Dome). In its beauty I was stunned. This Church was over 400 years old (pretty sure that's what the dude said).
So far, alles klar. (all is good). and I'm looking forward to my next year. I've attached some photos from my adventures so far and hope you enjoy them. Also here is a link to the blog I've set up in case you wanted to view that as well.